Tips on How to Design a Business Card for Your Business

Do you own a small business? Many small businesses these days start out in very humble circumstances out of someone’s basement or even garage as was the case with Google. Once you set up shop wherever it may be, what’s the best way to get your business to branch out and flourish? A simple yet powerful little tool called a business card. Never underestimate what a company card can do for your image, brand, and sales.


Do you have funds for a nice card? If not, find the money. Before you go rushing off to the nearest printing press or online store, take a moment to budget for your business card. Start small if you need to, but work up an advertising plan that includes business card expenses.

Business Card Design

Do the best design job you can. Make sure you focus on the colors, size, and typography, but also make sure you include all the right information too. Your company name and logo are absolutely essential. A picture of yourself is a plus as well. If you need assistance, we offer custom graphic design services for business cards, EDDM® postcards, brochures, and more.

  • Colors. Color is more important than you may realize. A person is more likely to toss a business card without color and keep the one with color. The next thing you will need to decide on is what colors go well with your business. What colors will attract, impress, or initiate a potential sales call? Go through the color wheel and mix and match shades to make your card stand out from all the rest.
  • Fonts. Choosing the best typeface is also important. You want it to complement your business. Narrow down a few fonts you like and test them out with your company name. Your objective should be something bold and legible. Be sparing with your font size so you can fit your address and social media locations.
  • Size. There really are no rules when it comes to what is the proper card size to make your business card. This really depends on how much you are willing to spend. Do you want 500 small-sized or 250 large-sized?

Make Your Business Card Memorable

At Primoprint, we now offer velvet laminated business cards and postcards witht he option to include spot UV. Highlight a logo, image or pattern with spot UV.
Velvet Laminated Business Card with Spot UV

If you want to go beyond the dull card of basic white with black letters then this is your chance to make your business cards memorable. Give your card a uniqueness that showcases what your business has to offer. Are you an architect? Design a card that a client can fold into a miniature house. Does your business sell confectioneries? Add a sweet smell of sugar that a potential customer will not be able to resist.  Are you a designer? Consider an appealing silk business card.

The Personal Touch

Perhaps the most important aspect of a business card for small businesses is of course how you present it. Personally handing out your card is the best way. It may be hard to have a cold conversation with someone about your business, but if you are prepared with a well-designed business card, you’re one step closer to a future sale.

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