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Need Design and Printing for Exercise books or Notebooks? Contact Printserves Agency for creative designs and high-quality printing for your schools, church, events, business exercise books at affordable prices with quick delivery at your doorstep. Our customized educational exercise books are printed with your school name, college name or institution name, color scheme and logo on them. Our specialized printing service offers the creation of personalized exercise books tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re an educational institution, a corporate training program, or an individual seeking customized learning materials as promotional gifts, our printing services are designed to cater to your specific needs. These exercise notebooks are manufactured from high quality paper materials that assures their long lasting durability and excellent performance.  A 60 leaves exercise book is a common type of notebook used by students and professionals for writing, note-taking, and various other documentation purposes.

We produce a wide range of exercise books printing for office usage and students with unique design and superior quality. With a diverse range of customization options, you have the freedom to choose different size, format, and cover design of your exercise books such as 40 leaves exercise books, 60 leaves exercise books, 80 leaves exercise books, higher education long notes or hardcover notebooks. Incorporate your organization’s logo, colors, and branding to create a professional and cohesive outlook. Additionally, you can select the type of paper, ruling, and binding finishing that best suits your intended use. Our high-quality printing ensures vibrant and sharp reproduction of text and images, providing a visually appealing and engaging learning experience. At our printing company, we understand the importance of durability, so our exercise books are crafted with sturdy materials to withstand daily wear and tear.

Printing 60 leaves exercise books involves several key steps that ensure the production of high-quality, durable notebooks. Here’s a detailed overview of the process:

1. Design and Pre-Press Preparation

Designing the Layout

  • Cover Design: The cover of the exercise book, which can be plain or printed with designs, logos, or educational content.
  • Inner Pages: Layout design for the ruled, squared, or plain pages. The standard 60 leaves (120 pages) format needs to be decided upon.
  • Margins and Spacing: Ensure appropriate margins, line spacing, and any additional content like headers or footers.

Digital Proofing

  • Proofing: Digital proofs of the cover and inner pages are created to check for any design or layout issues.
  • Approval: Final proofs are sent to the client for approval before proceeding to print.

2. Printing Process

Paper Selection

  • Paper Quality: Select appropriate paper for the inner pages (usually 56-70 GSM for notebooks) and a sturdier material for the cover (typically 200-300 GSM).

Printing the Inner Pages

  • Offset Printing: Commonly used for high volume due to its efficiency and quality. Large sheets containing multiple pages (printed as spreads) are printed.
  • Digital Printing: Suitable for smaller print runs or customized exercise books.

Printing the Cover

  • Cover Printing: Often done separately using high-quality printing techniques. Covers can be laminated (glossy or matte finish) for added durability and aesthetics.

3. Binding Process


  • Gathering Pages: Printed sheets are collated into correct order, ensuring that all pages are in sequence.


  • Folding Sheets: The large printed sheets are folded into signatures, typically in sets of 16 or 32 pages, to make up the full 60 leaves.


  • Staple Binding: For exercise books, saddle-stitching (stapling through the folded spine) is common. Two or more staples are used along the spine to secure the pages and cover.
  • Perfect Binding: Less common for exercise books but used for a more finished look. The pages are glued along the spine.

4. Finishing Touches


  • Trimming Edges: The bound books are trimmed to ensure all pages are uniform and the edges are smooth.

Quality Control

  • Inspection: Finished books are inspected for print quality, binding integrity, and overall appearance.


  • Packaging: Books are counted, bundled, and packed for shipping. Proper packaging ensures the books are protected during transit.

5. Distribution

  • Shipping: Books are distributed to clients, schools, or retail outlets as required.

Equipment and Technology

  • Printing Press: High-speed offset or digital printing presses.
  • Folding Machines: For accurate and quick folding of printed sheets.
  • Binding Machines: Saddle stitchers for staple binding.
  • Cutting Machines: Guillotine cutters for trimming the final product.

Environmental Considerations

  • Sustainable Paper: Use of recycled or FSC-certified paper.
  • Eco-friendly Inks: Soy-based or other environmentally friendly inks.
  • Waste Management: Efficient handling and recycling of paper waste and other materials.

The production of 60 leaves exercise books is a streamlined process combining design, precise printing, and careful binding to produce a functional and high-quality final product.

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60 Leaves Exercise Books Printing
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