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13-Page A2 Wall Calendar


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Promote your business or events with personalized 13-Page A2 Wall Calendar. Calendars with dates and months of the year are good corporate gifts you can give to your employees partners and esteem customers. We offer a wide selection of printed calendars such as Desk Calendars, Desk Planners, Wall Calendar, Wall Planners, and DL Calendars available for your choice. We design and print exclusive Wall Calendar and other types of calendars at affordable & competitive pricing in Nigeria. Our Calendars are printed with high quality and long-lasting paper. A 13-Page A2 Wall Calendar is a chart or series of pages which displays the date and the day of the week, and often the whole of a particular year divided up into months, weeks, and days. Calendar helps you to stay organized and also plan future events. They also include events and dates within the year that are significant.

Creating a visually appealing and informative A2 wall calendar is a meticulous process that involves attention to detail and thoughtful design. Each of the 13 pages serves a specific purpose, blending functionality with aesthetics to provide a cohesive and engaging user experience. The cover page introduces the calendar with a captivating image or artwork, setting the tone for the 12 months ahead. Incorporating a clean layout and vibrant colors, the design ensures immediate visual appeal. The subsequent pages represent each month, combining a large, easily readable calendar grid with dedicated sections for notes and important events. Careful consideration is given to the placement of holidays and special occasions, ensuring the calendar is both practical and informative. Striking visuals and thematic imagery enhance each month, providing a visual journey throughout the year.



As a company, adding your high-quality products images inn the calendar capture the essence of each season or highlight specific themes, creating a dynamic and immersive experience. Incorporating a consistent design language and typography across all pages maintains a unified aesthetic, while leaving enough space for personalization and individual notes. The calendar may include inspirational quotes, fun facts, or notable historical events associated with each month, adding an educational element. The final page may include a year-at-a-glance section, summarizing key dates and holidays for quick reference. Additionally, contact information or branding details can be discreetly placed to personalize the calendar further. At Printserves Nigeria, we pay special attention to print quality, paper selection, and finish to ensure a durable and visually stunning final product. The 13-page A2 wall calendar is not just a practical tool or marketing tool, but a visually pleasing piece of art that enhances any space it occupies, combining functionality with thoughtful design.

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13-Page A2 Wall Calendar
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