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Coronavirus Essentials

Here’s a guide to everything your business needs to fully comply with the UK government’s latest advice and guidelines for keeping you, your employees and your customers safe.

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Coronavirus Signage Print Government Recommendations: Print Essentials for Your Industry

Keeping your customers and staff safe during the Coronavirus pandemic is now a priority for all businesses. That’s why we’ve used the latest government guidelines to create a definitive collection of everything your industry need to comply with the regulations – and to make sure you’re operating safely, for your staff and for your customers.

All you need to do now is select your industry, pick the product you want, upload your artwork or use one of our free designs then place your order in the basket!

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Face Visors

Essential for protecting your team from air-born droplets at the point of customer or colleague interaction, we’ve designed sturdy and easy to assemble face visors at CM360 Prints. Choose from our standard visor, or include a foam headband for added comfort.

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Sneeze Guards

Our correx sneeze guards are the perfect counter-top protection for your shop to keep both customers and staff safe. A lightweight stand frames a clear, PVC guard which protects customer-facing workers from air droplets. Add your own branding and safety messaging to help combat Coronavirus.

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